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My name is Alexis Arickx, I am a French actor based in Paris. In the profession recently but in artistic gestation for a long time.

As a former musician, artist manager, music executive producer, entrepreneur and web developer, I’ve always been pretty versatile and self-taught. My route is a tailor-made winding path, drawn as I go along the steps in which I discovered myself. Inspiration, passion and intuition have always moved me forward. The need to create, explore and find meaning in an intimate quest for artistic expression.

At the beginning of the path, a difficult school journey and disinvestment stuck me to the skin until the Terminale Scientifique. Until the day where a letter of resignation gived on the principal’s desk finally ends this long period of school asphyxia. This decision which could be anecdotal was a key in my personal and professional construction. I have since drawn a line on any narrow, formatted and formative school vision of learning. That’s the day I reclaimed my path.

Then I quickly went off the beaten path. It was on the ground, through meetings and experiences, between Toulouse, Paris and Los Angeles that I found myself.
At my 20s, I left Toulouse and went to Paris, then Nancy to trained myslef in Artistic and Executive Music Production.
At my 22s, I joined the office of a friend’s association, Evolution, to develop musical production activity in the region of Toulouse.
At my 24s, I took my backpack and went door-to-door in Los Angeles in front of the Burbanks recording studios. I made a key meeting there, that of Guy Roche, composer of films for Disney, vocal coach for Beyoncé and artistic producer of Céline Dion, Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston. This human and professional encounter has marked and inspired me greatly.


At my 25s, I started my company in France, KERTONE SARL, and worked there for 9 years:

  • KERTONE PRODUCTION : Executive music production and artist management. I mainly produce My Own Private Alaska (MOPA) in Los Angeles in collaboration with Ross Robinson, artistic producer of Tech N9ne, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Slipknot, Deftones, Soulfly, The Cure.

  • KERTONE STORE : Development and management of online sales shops dedicated to music and painters. I work in particular for the band Cats On Trees.

  • KERTONE ONLINE : Web development and digital communication for entrepreneurs in all sectors.


At my 35s, I liquidated my company and left Montpellier to go back to Paris. It was the moment, it was time. I felt ready for a new chapter, the most intimate of all : to express myself artistically in my turn, to become a comedian. Or more precisely become an actor, because totally oriented Cinema and screen acting.


15 years of an initiatory path were necessary to meet this child dream who never left me.
Today, it is full-time that I devote myself to my own artistic development in this profession.
I thirst for ambitious, demanding and stimulating cinematographic projects that serve a purpose, a sensibility or an aesthetic. Thirst to express, to live and to offer on screen.


Thank you for reading.

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